Our geographically strategic position and our wide distribution network grant us the ability to rech with our own machines easly and daily the areas of:
  • Lombardia
  • Milano center - Ecopass
  • area
  • Piemonte
  • Switzerland - Canton Ticino
Forwarding service in whole Italy is made with partners that ensure the same quality level of service.
L.S. transport has a logistic center too equipped with docks to receive trucks, containers and movable cases to assure a fast and in time loading and unloading service. The large warehouse is structured in modern e optimized way to assure services of
  • goods storage
  • advanced logistics.
ADR & special services
Our qualified staff and our machines are mado to transport dangerous goods by Europeans laws (ADR - Accord Dangerouses Route). The company has machines of different dimensions with idraulic dock for a facilitated unloading and suitable for reaching difficult areas.

International transport
By continuos requests and thanks to our contacts network grown by years of activity, L.S. Transport is organizing a new section that will deal of international transport in whole world by ships or by airplanes.

LS TRANSPORT - Via Cascina Bella, 61 - 22077 Olgiate Comasco (CO) Italia
phone +39 031 943339 - fax +39 031 809151